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Creating Process

The creating process of Master Artist Christeas

“When the Master Christeas works, he is in solitude for a great amount of time in order to focus on channeling his thoughts inspired by his life’s experiences.  This process takes a few months at a  time, as it is necessary for him to shed all outside influences.  This is accomplished by the Artist’s continually drawing and painting dozens of heart-felt spontaneous expressions of positive thought.  Christeas refers to these expressions as ‘abstract art notes,’ as they are primers to his creative process.  This repetitious process brings him into his highest spiritual level of creativity.  He describes this feeling as a floating about inside of his studio while his physical self is at front of the easel.  When enough art notes are made, and all outside influences are washed away, he surrounds himself with his own paintings – upon which he feeds a greater inspiration which leads to masterpieces like the one you are viewing now.  Greg reviews his art notes in order to discover their separate origins and ultimate importance.  From here, these art notes act as the only influential source in the creation of the final masterpiece.”

The following abstract art notes were the ones that the Master had surrounded himself with as an energy source for the creation of the abstract art work Masterpiece below. A few hundred more of these art notes “unwanted  influences” were used to start the fire in his fireplace and I had the privilege of helping.  In today’s commercial world where everything is for sale, it is great to light up a fire.

Agamemnon Varvitsiotis, PHD

Hellenic Center for Advanced Research in Metaphysics and Philosophy.


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