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Art prints LTD on Sale – the “Up the Moon” series

Art Prints – “Abstract Artist Christeas’ Up the Moon Notes, Limited Edition Art Prints, shown here, are Art Printstransformation instruments in the quest toward a higher self . All art prints simmer with color and bespeak of positive change. They burst with freedom, and inspire hope in those who face them honestly and curiously. Each print a tour de force unto itself, these limited edition art prints are the first introduction ever of Christeas’ art work in print.”

Sharon Seitz, Home News – NJ USA.

Up the Moon – “Lovely Day” is Sold Out 50x70cm LTD art print (50)  

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China Town

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This is It

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Under the Sea

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Teddy Bears

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King Kong

 A reoccurring nightmare was the inspiration of my three dimensional art works Up the Moon. The nightmare was about a group of strange creatures chasing me in a dark field. Every night they chased me. After catching me, they would cut me into little pieces and it felt as if this had been going on for over 20 years; even though the nightmare had lasted a week.   

I was furious about the little bastards and every night I tried to change the ending, unsuccessfully. Finally, after a few weeks of this terrifying and gruesomely bloody nightmare, Achilles came to my rescue. He gave me his shield and said to me “UP”.  The next night, as the creatures were approaching me, I reached the end of the field where there was nothing else but dark space. Carrying Achilles’ shield I jumped into space. Using the edge of the shield I carved forms out of the dark space. Then, I connected the forms and made a stairway to the moon.

The creatures who could only function on earth could not follow me (The higher I climbed, the more I noticed that they were feeding on stupidity that was available only on earth). I was safe there, “Up the Moon” where I met all my Heroes who were also chased by these very same creatures.

Every day, after the nightmare, I painted in my art notes the forms and creatures as they were in my nightmare. Later I used this art work notes to create the abstract wall sculpture “Up the Moon” The “Up the Moon” Abstract Art Limited Edition Prints above are these notes.

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