Abstract painting Pavlos

abstract paintings
abstract paintings

Abstract Paintings

I created this painting in honor to the freedom fighter Pavlos Makris my brother in arms. My friend Pablo and I spent our youth painting on the Greek Islands over summer vacation – predominantly on the island of Hydra till 21 April 1967.  We would work all morning to fill up one art book each, a total of forty original paintings!  We knew the tourists arrived at l:30 in the afternoon on their one-day cruise ship Hermes and got to the docks early enough to set up all our artwork right in front of the platform.  The only way the people could disembark was to either step on our artwork or buy some!  We charged twenty dollars a painting and sold every piece in thirty minutes, making a day’s wage of four hundred dollars each!  It seems unbelievable that we spent every dollar that same night and had to buy breakfast on credit.  Those were some of the best times in my life.  Pablo frequents my dreams and he always tells me to paint more – enough for both of us.  Thanks, Pablo you are always in my mind.

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